The First Step Is the Hardest by Mark Stone

September 2012.

Me: ma'am, are you all right?
Her: Yeah. That's my family up there. Had kind of a rough night last night. Probably shouldn't be out here.
Me: Well I'm glad you're out here.
Her: Thanks. And thanks for stopping to check on me.
Me: No problem. Let me walk with you a bit.

Earlier today I posted that I'd done a 10 mile run. You'll note the mileage below is only 7+. Here's the story:

On the return leg of my run I passed a group of women in workout clothes out walking. About 50 feet further down the trail was another young woman, over weight, out of shape, sweating, huffing and puffing, even though she was walking slowly. As I approached she stepped off the trail, leaned over, and vomited. I got about 10 feet past her and was stopped dead in my tracks by the thought that her motivation for getting out of bed and hitting the trail was way higher than mine this morning. So I stopped my run tracker, turned off my music, and went back. I did eventually finish my run, but sometimes more important things in life intervene.

My run on RunKeeper

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