Greg Noll. March 2020. Greg had a way of showing up at important moments in people's lives, and so everyone who passed through Sonora has a Greg Noll story. This one is mine. Read more.

Rainbow Bridge. February 2020. I have been listening to this album a lot lately. It was introduced to me in college by Peggy Simms Little's husband Tom (aka "Derelict") who was my roommate and close friend. Donald Dickson was also a really important friend of mine in those days, along with Varnum Ouyang, my roommate from the previous year. Read more.

Pray for Me. July 2018. I consider myself a deeply spiritual person, but I subscribe to no organized religion. When certain acquiantances or family members realize this about me, their inclination is to pray for me. And I'm okay with that. Let me explain. Read more.

The Last Vigil. March 2017. Pets put their complete trust in us, a blind faith that really goes beyond what exists between any two humans. In part they trust us to protect them from suffering, and for most of a pet's life we offer that protection eagerly and happily. But in life's final moments we must still honor that trust and protect them from suffering, even when it is hard, and even when the impending loss is that last thing that we ourselves want to suffer. Read more.

Camping. February 2010. Neither Karen nor I knows the root cause of Nathan's delay in speech development. Neither does his pediatrician, his teacher, either of his speech therapists, or any of the neurologists or other specialists we have taken him to. But Nathan's situation is not unique. Today there are literally hundreds of thousands of children with comparable delays in speech from a variety of undiagnosed causes. They are not autistic. They do not have broad cognitive development delays. But they are all on their own unique, remarkable journeys. Read more.