Parc Monceau by Mark Stone

October 2009. Finally this week I made some time to go running. Paris streets are way too narrow, and sidewalks way to crowded, for just running anywhere. So I got a recommendation from the hotel desk clerk and he sent me to Parc Monceau. Definitely a great park for running, but also a great place to see a cross section of ordinary Parisien life.

Some of what I observed:

  • A young couple making out on a park bench.
  • Someone dressed in an Aztec warrior priest head piece with another person doing an African tribal dance around them.
  • A personal trainer putting a young woman through a workout. Looked like a pretty strenuous workout, but she was still wearing makeup. And he was decked out in a total hip-hop getup.
  • An old couple making out on a park bench.
  • A wedding party arriving, all obviously North African, and all dressed in traditional wedding tux and gown fashion.
  • Kids playing on playground equipment that looked identical to what we have in the States. For some reason, this was oddly disconcerting.
  • A middle aged couple making out on a park bench.

The French are comfortable with public displays of affection. Very comfortable. Did I mention that?

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